Poland has been famous for its oat-fed geese for a number of years, and these are especially popular with our western neighbours at Christmastime. The geese, also known as Koludzka geese, are fed for three weeks before slaughter with a strict oat diet, giving them their exceptional flavour.

Goose meat is the healthiest of all poultry meats. First and foremost, it is a source of easily digestible protein with a good amino acid balance, accounting for about 23% of the meat, more than in other types of meat. Contrary to popular belief, goose meat is not at all fatty; 100 grams includes just 4% fat, that is considerably less than a chicken carcass (9 grams), or a piece of lean pork (10 grams). What’s more, goose fat is very healthy for human consumption, including as it does large amounts of polyunsaturated fats with a composition similar to that of olive oil. Goose meat is also a good source of minerals including potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, and iron, as well as vitamins, especially from the B group.

We supply calibrated oat-fed goose carcasses in heat-shrink wrap, as well as legs and breasts which are calibrated and vacuum packed.

We supply the Hong Kong and Chinese market with goose feet, wings, and giblets.