Our products

We offer traditionally packed cooler products as well as innovative modified atmosphere vacuum-packed products.

Additionally, we offer frozen products in blocks and cartons, as well as IQF products. The weight or type of carton are no problem for us; we can adapt to meet the needs of every customer.

We also make special-order products, not only in terms of packaging, but also in terms of the processing and freezing of the product.


  1. Poultry
    We offer a wide assortment of cooled and frozen items made from chicken, hen, turkey and goose. Our product list includes:

    Chicken carcasses with and without neck, chicken leg quarters, chicken legs, chicken thighs and drumsticks, chicken leg meat, chicken breast fillet, chicken breast inner fillet, chicken wings, prime and mid-wing, chicken fillet trimmings, chicken skins, chicken necks, chicken MDM, chicken Baader, chicken giblets, and chicken feet

  2. Pork
  3. Beef
  4. Pet-Food